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Measure Sales Lift and Return on Ad Spend

The End of Your Campaign is Just the Beginning

Not Your Parents’ Sales Lift.
The next generation of NCS Sales Effect studies not only help you understand what happened in your campaign, they help you see what’s next. Shed light on the ways you can improve — and drive incremental sales. Since our founding in 2010, we’ve led the industry in outcomes-based measurement. Our latest measurement solution is no exception.

Measurement is Key to Your Future Ad Spend.

That’s one of the reasons why 71% of CPG marketers use sales lift to measure campaign outcomes.1 There have been so many changes in consumer behaviors and consumption patterns over the past couple of years. Now more than ever, brands seek to better understand outcomes and their bottom-line impact.

NCS’s next generation of Sales Effect measurement provides even more granular and precise insights – the kind you need in today’s marketplace. You get a new level of detail that drives actionability and a precision that delivers the intelligence on how the creative, audience, frequency and media impact your campaign outcomes.

Knowing which components of your campaign drove the biggest incremental sales impact translates into more effective future campaigns.

Measure Your Way.

NCS Sales Effect measurement is delivered when, where and how you need it. Measure sales lift for your national consumer packaged goods campaigns or for campaigns running in major and consolidated markets.

You get incremental sales results provided in multiple formats, so you can review the data the way you like. Plus, you don’t have to wait until after the campaign ends to get results. Actionable insights are reported during the campaign to give you an early read, allowing you to optimize the tactics that are working best, adjust the ones that aren’t or get a head start on planning the next campaign.

Our CPG-focused consulting team is here to support your brand goals every step of the way. Your campaign measurement results can be delivered through a managed service model or a self-service model in a dashboard.

Cross Media Insights

Unlock the full picture of your CPG campaign's impact with cross-media measurement. Track sales lift seamlessly across TV, digital, and understand their combined efforts.

Retail Media Networks

Maximize insights with rest of market measurement. Gauge the true reach of your retail media network campaign beyond your network for comprehensive sales analysis.

Advertisers & Retailers

Keep your campaigns driving incremental sales. Use Sales Effect analysis to advance your advertising strategy and brand.

Retailer Media Networks

Verify using a third-party to demonstrate to your advertisers the effectiveness of your network.


Collaborate with your clients using in-depth sales lift measurement and cement your place in their media plans.

TV & Other Media

Stay in the race for digital ad dollars and make yourself invaluable to brands by providing a full picture of their campaigns.


NCS measurement doesn’t just reveal the campaign’s results; it delves into the underlying reasons behind them. In a recent collaboration with a beverage brand, we discovered that our Home Screen sponsorship drove 82% of the incremental sales. These invaluable insights empower us to craft even more impactful strategies for our clients.

Rob Leon
Associate Director, Media Insights & Analytics, VIZIO
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Vizio uncovered powerful insights from measuring sales lift with NCS
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