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Cross-Media Campaign Measurement

How to measure advertising effectiveness of various channels

In a tight market you know how important it is to prove your advertising is working. You’ve invested a ton of time, effort, and money into your TV, digital and advanced TV advertising programs. But, experience tells you getting an apples-to-apples comparison of performance across channels can be difficult.

NCS Cross-Media Sales Effect offers a complete view of your TV and digital or CTV campaigns. This holistic view of your campaign uses the same metrics across all channels. We understand the need for comparable success metrics because over half (52%) of CPG marketers want the same key performance indicators (KPI) across all channels. Two of the most popular KPIs, return on ad spend (ROAS) and incremental sales, are performance metrics you want at your fingertips to prove the success. With these KPIs and more, there’s no need to translate results with NCS because the KPIs are the same for all media.

Measure your cross-media campaign to know if your strategy was successful. With these insights you’ll learn the sales impact of each media separately and how they work together. Once you understand which campaign elements drive success, you’ll run more effective campaigns in the future. And don’t you deserve the best insights?

Like our flagship product, Sales Effect, we report on the critical details that drive incremental sales, like creative, frequency, audiences, and more.

Why Should I Consider Cross-Media Sales Effect?

  • Know how impactful your cross-media strategy is.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of each media using the same reporting KPIs.
  • Understand the additive reach and incremental sales of adding digital or CTV to TV campaigns.
  • Highlight the sales power of digital advertising when paired with TV.

How it works

  • Consult with NCS about campaign details, and we will set you up for successful measurement.
  • Activate TV and digital and/or CTV campaigns.
  • After the campaign begins, NCS receives exposure logs.
  • Post-campaign, NCS client consulting team delivers Cross-Media Sales Effect report.
  • Results can be used for cross-media optimization.

What you get

  • Experienced NCS client consulting team with specialized expertise in CPG advertising campaigns.
  • Sales lift, return on ad spend, incremental sales of your TV and digital media or CTV campaigns.
  • Detailed reporting of the effectiveness of creative executions, ad frequency, media, and audience group performance.
  • The total sales impact of both campaigns.
Why NCS?

Just like there is only one you, there is only one NCS. Our people, technology, and partners enable NCS to lead the pack of cross-media measurement and attribution providers. With over a decade of dedicated service to only the CPG industry, we know what it takes to make our clients be CPGeniuses. NCS is always innovating and constantly pursuing improving advertising outcomes for your success. Measure your next cross-media campaign.