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Do Not Sell My Information

Last modified: September 2023

Advertising supports a free internet and is an important revenue source for many websites or apps to provide and produce your desired content. Please know that NCS does not maintain any websites or apps that are geared toward individual customers, and we do not collect online data directly, serve advertising on the NCS Site, or otherwise collect data directly about your browsing habits across websites for advertising purposes.

For more information about the data we collect and use, please refer to our Privacy Policy. Internet Advertising Opt-Out:

While NCS does not engage in serving advertisements based on your browsing habits across websites, our audience segments may be used to facilitate such advertising and NCS provides measurement services about advertisements. You may learn more about online advertising and opt out of interest-based advertising from online advertising companies that are also members of applicable self-regulatory organizations by visiting their opt-out links below. Your device may be scanned to determine what cookies are stored on your machine. You may select the companies that maintain those cookies and opt out of all their individual advertising or all targeted advertising in general.

Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) – Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) –

DAA AppChoices page –

In addition, you may follow the instructions provided for your mobile device or in your internet browser’s help file to change privacy, advertising and tracking settings.


You may opt out of NCS segmentation using the form below. NCS segmentation is the only NCS service that includes a sale of personal information. By submitting this form, you understand that the personal information you provide will be used to facilitate the opt-out process. You may also submit a request to opt out of the sale of personal information by NCS by sending a request to or to the address listed in the Contact section below.

You understand that we are only able to process complete opt-out requests on a going-forward basis. Your opt-out is ineffective concerning any sales of Consumer Data that occurred before our processing of your opt-out request. This means that your opt-out request may not be effective for segments that we have already delivered.

As outlined in our Services Privacy Statement, we do not maintain directly identifying information such as a name and address. We use a third-party matching agent to group data by a household-level identifier.

You understand that because our household-level single-source dataset does not include directly identifying information such as name and address, your request will apply only to the information you submit that matches the information used to create the household-level identifier and not (for example) to alternate names or aliases, nicknames, or prior addresses. If your information changes because you change your address or name, your opt-out status may no longer apply to the information that has changed. In those instances, please submit a new request.

If you use an Authorized Agent to exercise your right to opt-out, we may need additional information to verify your identity, including proof that the Authorized Agent has been authorized by you to act on your behalf.

We will process your opt-out request as soon as commercially reasonable but no later than the time set out by applicable law. You can access our Services Privacy Statement here.

To opt-out, please provide your information below.

I attest that all information provided is truthful and accurate.

Request for Information and/or Deletion:

Submit your request for information and/or your request for deletion, please click here.


If you have any questions or comments about this page, please do not hesitate to contact us as follows:

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