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Ready-to-use purchase insights, ready for everything.
There’s no shortage of data these days and consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands are actively seeking to have data in-house for their marketing campaigns. As marketers look for the right analytic tools to fuel their clean rooms or other data safe environments, they need a turnkey solution that allows them to quickly begin to leverage their investment. NCS has created just this service. INTRODUCING THE CPG INSIGHTS STREAM.

The Reasons Why:
44% of marketers already have or are planning to have a clean room in the the next 12 months.1

56% want more in-depth analytics
54% want the ability to measure campaign results
52% want to make it for easier for data integration
50% want to do so for privacy reasons
More Than Data to Drive Decisions

The CPG Insights Stream is a culmination of NCS’s 13 years of industry-leading research and development – all focused on advancing advertising effectiveness.  The innovative CPG data service leverages NCSolutions’ proven and proprietary analytic models and machine learning methodologies. Those are paired with a robust, omnichannel set of CPG point-of-sale transactional data to provide a comprehensive view and ready-to-use insights.

The CPG Insights Stream is...
127MM Households

across CPG retail channels for a complete view.

4500 CPG Product Groups

a balanced look at consumer buying today—the right amount of data making it easier to scale.

3MM Universal Product Codes (UPCs)

refined and prepared for you to leverage—useable from the get-go.

As you evaluate customer data platforms — no matter if it is a data lake, a clean room, or a data warehouse, NCS can lower the barriers to taking CPG data to CPG insights and ultimately to your application.

Case Study
Baking Brand Builds Better Audience

Find out how a popular baking brand uses the CPG Insights Stream to reach buyers for their holiday promo campaign.

Access the Case Study

1 NCSolutions & CMO Council, Optimizing Outcomes in Media Marketing, 2023