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Ready-to-use purchase insights, ready for everything.
There’s no shortage of data these days and consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands are actively seeking to have data in-house for their marketing and customer acquisition campaigns. As marketers look for the right analytic tools, it can be tricky to get up and running quickly. Using all that data in its raw, unfiltered format and refining it into actionable insights is an arduous task. You’d need a team of data scientists with sophisticated models, automation techniques and deep industry expertise. Or you could simply turn to NCS.

The Reasons Why:
79% of CPG Marketers have already or will evaluate a clean room in the next 12 months.1

57% want more control over their data
53% want to support a first-party data strategy
49% want to make it easier to aggregate data
45% want to do so for privacy reasons
More Than Data to Drive Decisions

So much more than raw data, our Enablement solution, CPG Insights Stream, empowers brands to use privacy-safe, purchase insights for CRM enhancements, attribution, customer profiling, detailed data analytics, look-alike modeling and more in your data environment.

The CPG Insights Stream is...
Nationally Representative —

across all CPG retail channels and U.S. households—for a complete view.

More than sufficient —

a balanced look at consumer buying today—the right amount of data making it easier to scale.

Actionable —

refined and prepared for you to leverage—useable from the get-go.

As you evaluate customer data platforms — no matter if it is a data lake, a clean room, or a data warehouse, NCS can lower the barriers to taking CPG data to CPG insights and ultimately to your application.

Case Study
Baking Brand Builds Better Audience

Find out how a popular baking brand uses the CPG Insights Stream to reach buyers for their holiday promo campaign.

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1 Brand Innovators & NCSolutions CPG Marketers Survey 2022