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Snapchat Takes Real Relationships to Results


Snapchat noticed their campaigns attracted new buyers for their clients. Wanting to understand if these new buyers continued to purchase once the campaign ended, they asked NCS –  what is the long-term value of their advertising?


Snapchat turned to NCS to run a meta-study of its campaigns to uncover trends aggregated across dozens of campaigns.


The NCS meta-study proved that Snapchat advertising drives a 2x multiplier on average sales lift over the long term for its brands.  

Dive into the full Snapchat meta-study results.

Brand marketers are under a lot of pressure to explain every dollar they invest to their CMOs and CFOs. This study is an important tool to help them understand their long term investment returns. Visibility into the long term returns rather than just optimizing for the short term will be a major differentiator going forward.

John Eckhardt
Director, Marketing Science Snapchat