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Snack Brand Generates Buyer Demand Mid-Flight


A leading snack brand launched a digital ad campaign to target buyers who favored two other food lines. The team noticed the campaign was not driving a sales lift and households exposed to the campaign were spending less on the advertised brands than anticipated.


Acting quickly, the snack brand changed its approach mid-campaign. They used NCS Sales Lift Metrics to understand sales performance and adjusted their target audience and other campaign tactics, all while the campaign was in-flight.


Mid-flight results proved that video ads were more successful than display and their target audience was too narrow. They switched to video format and broadened their reach for the remainder of the campaign – the quick shift generated a 19% sales lift.

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Without in-flight optimization, this campaign would have had a completely different outcome. By getting an early read on incremental sales, the brand team was able to pivot to a win.

Randi Felton
Director, Client Consulting, NCSolutions