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DISH Fishes for a Healthy Snack Audience


Is tuna a snack? This tuna brand wanted new buyers to see them as a snack instead of a meal. Reaching new buyers required more impressions and, therefore, a higher media spend than the brand would have needed to reach their loyal audience.


Using a previous campaign’s learnings as inspiration, this tuna brand launched a cross-platform campaign running on linear TV, DISH and Over-The-Top to grow a newly launched product line. Combined with a purchase-based targeting approach, the net was cast to guarantee a catch.


The strategy worked – it drove a 6.6% of incremental sales lift for the total tuna campaign. It worked so well this brand used the same targeted, addressable approach for future campaigns to continue to drive incrementality by reaching the right buyers.

Fishing for the right audience is tough. This tuna brand made it look easy.