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Cereal Brand Optimizes In-flight To Reach New Buyers


In the saturated market, it was important for a popular cereal brand to reach the shoppers most likely to purchase. To control the ad frequency and not waste costly impressions, it was also necessary to avoid reaching the same household multiple times.


With the help of NCSolutions and advertising partner Viant, the popular cereal brand launched digital campaigns using a mix of audience segments and made in-flight campaign adjustments based on real-time sales response.


The brand reached 32.3 million likely-to-buy households and brought in a steady increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) and incremental sales, specifically from new buyers. These are healthy improvements indeed!

The most important meal of the day got amazing ROAS.

With our Household ID and Identity Resolution capabilities, it’s possible to reach tangible, meaningful households without the need for third-party cookies. This also allows us to control frequency for households that might appear in multiple purchase-based audience segments, which means impressions aren’t being wasted and the advertiser can maximize reach to their prospect audience.

Kristen Careccia
Director, Sales, Viant