After many U.S. schools shifted to remote programs during the COVID-19 pandemic, parents were left to fend for themselves in preparing their children’s lunches. How did this impact the grocery landscape?

It’s a great time for sandwich ingredients.

During the Extreme Buying stage, total household cheese dollar sales increased 104% on March 13 compared to one year prior. Even further into the Home-Confined Buying period on March 26, cheese sales remained high, at levels 111% higher year-over-year, ranking at #3 in CPG category sales, 3 spots higher than the same week last year.

As parents armed themselves with sandwich essentials, it wasn’t just cheese that saw a lift. Lunch meat jumped 11 ranks to #32 during the week ending March 21 compared to the same week last year. Bread moved 3 spots up and mayonnaise climbed 14 spots in the week ending March 28 compared to the same week last year.

Parents are clearly looking for convenient and affordable lunch solutions for their family. Food brands that respond to this need will come out of COVID-19 on top.

Sandwich ingredients sales rise from March 15-28 2020 as American families transition to remote work and school.