Consumers Kick Off New Year with Soda and Juice

The winter months call for celebrating the holidays with refreshing and tasty drinks. But what are consumers filling their cups with the most over winter? 

Favorite beverages to celebrate New Year’s Eve

When we think of what’s being poured the most on New Year’s Eve, champagne or alcohol generally comes to mind. However, we asked about beverage preferences in a recent consumer sentiment survey, and the results surprised us. The top five favorite beverages are soda at (20%), with champagne being a close second (19%), then cocktails (14%), beer (13%), and wine (11%) follow.

Soda, champagne/sparkling wine, cocktails, beer, and wine are U.S. consumers top five favorite drinks for New Years Eve.

Quenching thirst with juice

Fresh-squeezed insights show the amount of juice consumers buy remains consistent all year round. However, with the holidays in December, juice purchases increased by 13% in December 2021 compared to November 2021. When we look at the full picture – December is the month where juice sales increase the most compared to the rest of the year. New Year’s Eve celebrations and holiday parties may be why consumers are buying more juice at this time of year.

Cheers to a new year of healthy drinks

Consumers love kombucha and probiotic drinks, with an increase in purchasing these products in January 2022 (+16%) compared to December 2021. We found that  January is the most popular time for consumers to purchase these beverages that are marketed with health benefits, which suggests New Year’s resolutions could be the reason for the healthy preferences. If this trend continues, you can expect a jump in sales in January as consumers look for their kombucha and probiotics to kick off the new year with healthy guts. Now, that’s refreshing! 

We hope these insights quench your thirst for details on what consumers prefer to drink over the winter months. Pour yourself a cup of them to help prepare your next campaign.