NCSolutions Celebrates 10 Years of Advancing Advertising Effectiveness

Continues to Set New Milestones in Accelerating Insights and Pushing the Boundaries of Industry Knowledge

NEW YORK – JANUARY  7, 2020 – NCSolutions (NCS), the leading advertising effectiveness company for CPG brands, is celebrating a decade of achievements. Amid the unprecedented seismic shifts in the consumer and technology landscape over the last decade, the company’s proven approaches to audience targeting, advertising campaign measurement, and in-flight optimization have delivered exceptional results for its customers. NCS has impacted more than $25 billion in client media spend and expanded industry knowledge through extensive R&D into how advertising works. As NCS launches into its second decade, it has been rolling out next-generation technologies, remaining committed to the company mission to improve the effectiveness of advertising across all media.

Since inception, NCS has focused on solutions that allow advertisers to understand the impact their advertising campaigns have on revenue. This approach empowered publishers to use sales outcomes as a way to differentiate their inventory and validate their delivery. In doing so, the company altered the way marketers and publishers demonstrate the value of their campaigns and advertising solutions. Ultimately, over the years, NCS has led a transformational industry shift from solely measuring upper funnel metrics (such as audience reach) to recognizing that measurement should be inclusive of sales outcomes.

“What was initially a revolutionary idea 10 years ago—the ability for an advertiser to connect the dots from an ad campaign’s exposure to resulting in-store sales—has become much more of an industry standard today,” says Linda Dupree, CEO, NCSolutions. “NCS has always been at the forefront of marketing effectiveness and as we look into the next 10 years, continuously innovating our closed-loop advertising solutions remains at the center of our priorities.”


NCS was founded as a joint venture between Nielsen and Catalina. The company combined data sets from each parent company, and then layered proprietary data science methods powered by a team of experts. The resulting one-of-a-kind solution has helped CPG advertisers make the clear connection between their campaign strategies and in-store sales.

“NCSolutions is a valuable part of the extended portfolio for both parent companies, which enthusiastically stand behind our investments. The Board of Directors is especially excited about what’s on the NCS roadmap and looks forward to seeing the company reach new milestones in the years ahead,” said Karthik Rao, Chair of the NCS Board.


2020 brings with it the development and delivery of new NCS solutions that provide near real-time insights across the product portfolio. NCS invests in cutting-edge technologies and R&D—machine learning and advertising effectiveness studies—key pillars that keep its customers at the forefront of marketing effectiveness.


  • Embracing machine learning models to deliver faster and deeper insights for measurement campaigns and audience targeting. Google was the first to take advantage of this NCS capability.
  • Proving the long-term influence of advertising. In an industry-leading study, NCS showed how targeting and creative work together to drive short-term sales growth and long-term loyalty.
  • Illuminating how advertising works. A landmark NCS study identified the five key drivers of advertising effectiveness – reach, targeting, recency, creative, and context – and how to quantify the impact of advertising on sales. This research also explained why it’s critical for brands to separate the advertising effects of creative-in-context and media.
  • Measuring incremental Sales Effects across multiple media including digital (video, mobile, social and banner), TV (linear, OTT, and addressable), magazines (primary and secondary), radio and CRM.
  • Leading the way on cross-media responsiveness measurement. With its proprietary cross-media synergy approach, NCS helps brands quantify the lift when consumers are exposed to advertising in multiple platforms.