NCS Launches New Innovations Fueled by Machine Learning That Elevate Sales Performance Metrics and Services to The Next Level

CPG marketers benefit from audience targeting flexibility, campaign measurement agility, scale and faster insights

NEW YORK – June 17, 2019, NCS, the leading company for improving advertising effectiveness for the entire CPG ecosystem, today announced its next set of innovations. These enhancements to the company’s core services are fueled by artificial intelligence and machine learning and increase the ability of CPG marketers to be more agile, with faster insights into the sales outcomes of their advertising.

With these next generation solutions, advertisers can leverage strategic and precise targets and activate even more flexible and richer purchase-based audiences. They also gain the ability to deliver faster, additional actionable insights, and more scalable campaigns that lead to higher incremental household sales and stronger return on ad spend metrics.

“We are proud to be among the first advertising effectiveness services providers to apply machine learning to both audience segment creation (NCS Target) and sales lift measurement (the next generation of NCS Sales Effect),” commented Leslie Wood, Chief Research Officer, NCS. “After years of research and development, and rigorous testing, the NCS investment in machine learning is fulfilling its promise.  We enthusiastically embrace these new techniques as they are now at the core of the next generation of NCS solutions.”

Uniquely, NCS has developed our platform as an ensemble or Super Learner model with a full suite of statistics. We do this so that we will have the most accurate and validated results. Machine learning techniques are leveraged to eliminate many manual processes for the NCS teams and the result is more focus on insight building and consulting with our customers. The outcome for NCS clients: faster insights for measurement campaigns and deeper insights for audience targeting.

In addition to these audience targeting and campaign measurement services, NCS will leverage these next generation services as a foundation for other products and product enhancements coming later in 2019.

It is the complement of machine learning techniques to the intellectual property and general know-how of the NCS team that bring the greatest value of these new services to our customers,” said Carl Spaulding, EVP of Strategy, NCS. “Throughout the 10-year company history, the NCS team has always leaned into solving the big issues surrounding advertising effectiveness. Our next generation of services is no exception.”  

In January, NCS became a Google measurement partner and YouTube is the first platform to use the next generation of NCS Sales Effect services. NCS Sales Effect is an independent campaign measurement solution that allows U.S. CPG advertisers to reliably and quickly measure how effective their advertising is at moving products off the shelves. Insights and performance metrics include incremental sales and return on ad spend. The next generation of Sales Effect is available through YouTube for CPG advertisers currently and will be expandable to other platforms.   

NCS Target Solutions deliver purchase-based audience segments based on actual in-store purchase behavior. These segments are tied to specific brand strategies and once brands define their audiences they can be activated across all types of media.

“At NCS, we’re asking and answering some of the biggest questions in the ad market today,” continued Carl Spaulding. “Questions like: how can the CPG ecosystem leverage the best of machine learning techniques to get insights faster and gain agility to achieve higher incremental sales against their advertising? How can publisher platforms demonstrate more digital accountability by providing advertisers comparable sales lift metrics that work across platforms–inside and outside of publisher controlled environments?”

To learn more about NCS’s latest insights, visit How Advertising Works.