NCS Launches Ground-breaking In-flight Optimization Service For Brands To Amplify Incremental Sales

CPG marketers enabled with near real-time key incremental sales metrics can refine their digital campaigns in-flight based on the same factors driving the best sales outcomes.

NEW YORK, August 1, 2019 – NCS, the leading company for improving advertising effectiveness for the entire CPG ecosystem, today announced the launch of in-flight Sales Lift Metrics. This ground-breaking new NCS service empowers brands and programmatic traders to optimize the incremental sales lift driven by their advertising campaigns in near real-time. Sales Lift Metrics delivers the causal impact of specific campaign tactics on incremental sales results.  Marketers can then dial-up or dial-down campaign elements to amplify their outcome. 

This new service uses advanced machine learning methodologies to deliver weekly incremental sales metrics. Marketers can use these as key performance indicators (KPI) to enhance the outcomes of their campaigns while still in-flight. Programmatic traders can also now optimize their buys using the same currency that their campaigns will be measured against incremental sales.  

NCS’s in-flight Sales Lift Metrics provide sales effectiveness information about tactics such as: audience targets, media placements, creative messaging and ad formats. For example, using Sales Lift Metrics, advertisers can demonstrate that their Creative A is driving more incremental sales than Creative B, or that Audience A is driving more sales than Audience B. This means changes to campaigns made while in-flight can increase sales by optimizing spend allocation across tactics.

“CPG advertisers face urgent demands to reduce budget waste and optimize for sales outcomes,” says Carl Spaulding, EVP of Strategy, NCS. “Until now, their only options to improve results were to make changes post-campaign or rely on in-flight media performance metrics not directly related to offline sales. Near real-time course correction based on causal metrics just wasn’t possible. But with this innovative solution, advertisers can tap into near real-time insights and refine campaigns in-flight to improve outcomes. Our team is thrilled to be working with our advertisers and their buyers to activate their upcoming campaigns using Sales Lift Metrics.”

“Near real-time visibility into the effectiveness of campaign tactics that are the primary drivers of incremental sales has long been a desired ideal for advertisers,” says Leslie Wood, Chief Research Officer, NCS. “Earlier this year, we announced the application of machine learning methodologies for both audience segment creation (NCS Target Solutions) and sales lift measurements (the NCS Sales Effect Platform). In Q2 of this year, we incorporated our Super Learner innovative technology to NCS’s new in-flight Sales Lift Metrics offering to make that ideal a reality for brands who participated in our pilot phase. Now, with this announcement, causal sales metrics are available to all NCS clients at a cadence which allows them to test, learn and optimize in near real-time.” 

Sales Lift Metrics are a part of the Optimize Solutions Suite offered by NCS, which also includes NCS Purchase Data Metrics. An automated API tool designed for publishers, Purchase Data Metrics delivers total sales metrics for households exposed to your campaign tactics. Clients can use the trends found in the rate of total sales for these households over time to optimize allocation across campaign tactics. The NCS Optimize Solutions Suite enables NCS clients to use in-flight sales data as fast-moving KPIs for today’s digital marketplace. 

The introduction of NCS’s Sales Lift Metrics marks another innovation in a continuing series of next-generation ad effectiveness solutions. To learn more about NCS and its insights about How Advertising Works, visit our website.