To understand how shopping behavior has changed due to COVID-19, we’ve continually monitored the data to watch for emerging trends. As consumers begin to be more comfortable leaving the house, their buying habits are evolving. In some areas, May 2020 looks a lot different from  May 2019.

Not surprisingly, hand sanitizer and antiseptics/disinfectants maintain a higher importance to the American household than they did at this point last year (at least everyone has clean hands). Cocktail mixers, premixed cocktails, beer and wine have held on to higher sales since the beginning of home confinement, with premixed cocktails experiencing the highest increase of all alcohol products heading into Memorial Day Weekend 2020.  Baking ingredients continue to see an abnormally high purchase ranking. After all this time to practice, we’re betting there’s been some significant improvement in our collective baking skills!

Top five growing CPG subcategories by total U.S. spend in the week of 5/23 of hand sanitizer, premixed cocktails, extracts, frozen poultry, and refrigerated baked goods.