Good news, friends. Although the personal care market looked quite bleak when we last covered it in April, your co-workers and friends have returned to showering and using deodorant as they’ve started to re-enter society.

During the month of April, products like shampoo, lotion, deodorant and shavers were claiming a significantly lower spot in the American shopping basket than they had the year prior. Part of this was due to significantly increased food purchasing, knocking non-food items down a few rungs on the ranking ladder. But sales for these products also saw significant decreases as consumers adopted a home-confined lifestyle.

During the month of May — as socially distanced gatherings grew more common, some returned to the office and businesses across the services sector reopened —  personal care products increased steadily in the CPG purchase rankings. By May 30th, most of the categories below had returned to a very similar purchase ranking they saw during the same week in 2019.

Hair spray and hair styling are an exception, still coming in 9 places below where they were for the same week last year. Perhaps we’ve all grown a little more lax about containing those flyaways or more comfortable wearing baseball caps to work.

Personal care products like cosmetics, deodorant and hair products rank higher by dollar sales during the month of May 2020.