Watching TV shows and movies is undoubtedly the number one hobby for those quarantined at home due to COVID-19, followed closely by arguing with the other people quarantined in your home (OK, we made that second one up).

But in addition to enjoying on-demand content made possible by modern technologies, Americans are returning to more traditional pastimes to… well… pass the time. And we’re here for it.

Over the past six weeks—across grocery, mass, and drug stores nationwide—sales of traditional hobby supplies have seen a significant uptick. Among the top growing categories are sewing, baking, bird watching, home canning, and cocktail mixer products. While baking categories typically experience a seasonal uptick in the spring, increases in 2020 surpass what was seen in 2019.

Whether people are turning to these activities out of immediate necessity, out of a perceived future need or simply reclaiming a love long neglected, only time will tell. Either way, don’t be surprised if you receive homemade fruit preserves and hand-sewn tea towels for Christmas this year.

Traditional hobby products like cocktail mixers, baking supplies and sewing notions trend up in CPG category rank (by dollar sales) the week of 4/12/20.