Mention milk and we immediately conjure up an image of a tall glass alongside a couple of gooey chocolate chip cookies. Mmmm.

While we love to treat ourselves with deliciousness, we also love to eat more sustainably, ethically, and healthfully. These are key reasons why more plant-based food items are turning up in our pantries and fridges.

Unsurprisingly, NCSolutions purchase data shows consumers are enjoying a variety of non-dairy alternatives these days.

NCS shows milk sales were up but now non-dairy sales are increasingEven before the pandemic, sales of plant-based dairy alternatives were on an upswing. But as consumers adapted to new shopping behaviors and began eating more plant-based products, sales climbed even higher. Household spending on traditional milk and dairy products remains robust, but plant-based milk and cheese products now take up more room in grocery carts (move over dairy).

NCS chart showing non-dairy cheese is the top selling cheese

We’re not taking any chances…

Remember the Great Cream Cheese Shortage of December 2021? Americans don’t plan to run out of it again.

Household spending per trip to the store on this favorite grew at the fastest pace in February 2022—more than any other cheese product.

NCS displays spending per household on cream cheese
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