NCSolutions Launches a Unique Turnkey Service for Data Clean Rooms Featuring an Analytics-Ready Complete Stream of U.S. CPG Buyer Insights

CPG Insights Stream Is Privacy Compliant, Machine Learning-Driven and Enables Brands to Realize Clean Room ROI Quickly

NEW YORK, March 22, 2023 – NCSolutions (NCS), the leader in advertising effectiveness, has launched a unique turnkey solution for marketers to help them fuel their analysis and accelerate their data clean room return on investment.  The new CPG Insights Stream service is designed to fuel clean rooms or other data environments with privacy-safe, ready-to-use consumer packaged goods (CPG) buyer insights. Data clean rooms are privacy-secure cloud environments that companies increasingly use for corporate data strategies, including advertising effectiveness. 

The CPG Insights Stream is a new service that is representative of all U.S. households, 4,500 CPG product groups and three million UPCs.

This new service provides household purchase intelligence for all types of CPG channels. Representative of every household in the U.S. (127MM households), the tool spans 4,500 CPG product groups and includes three million unique universal product codes (UPCs). The CPG Insights Stream is used for brand analytics, marketing approaches and growth strategies. The setup and data science resources required for implementation are minimal. It enables a quick path to monetize a brand’s clean room investment.        

The solution is flexible and ready for countless use cases that support brands’ marketing and advertising strategies. For example, the CPG Insights Stream helps enhance first-party data, profile audiences, create look-alike audiences, better understand shopper journeys, and optimize media spending. 

“It isn’t often in your career you have the opportunity to be a part of creating a game-changing, market-leading solution. The CPG Insights Stream launch is a pivotal moment for our industry as more companies seek to create data-safe environments for advanced analytics,” said Jeff Doherty,  chief operations officer at NCSolutions. “This new service unleashes the full promise of a clean room and provides marketers the quality and depth of CPG buying insights they require. ” 

According to a recent NCS and CMO Council study of brand marketers,  44% of marketers have or plan to have a data clean room. A quarter of marketers (24%) plan to acquire a clean room.  The reasons they seek this environment: 

  • 56% want to run deep analytics
  • 54% need to measure campaign results
  • 52% for ease of data integration
  • 50% for privacy reasons
  • 46% want more control of their data

Colored horizontal bar chart shows the top reasons marketers want to use data clean room strategies including analytics and consumer privacy.

“With this new solution, we are filling a void in the market. Other suppliers provide clean room data. We are upping the ante,” said Dan Malmed, chief revenue officer at NCSolutions. “The CPG Insights Stream is more than just data; it is a refined and comprehensive set of actionable insights that can fuel brands’ analyses from the start. We have done the heavy lifting to ensure clients receive a service that provides the speed to insights everyone fiercely needs.” 

 CPG Insights Stream is a culmination of NCS’s 13 years of industry-leading research and development – all focused on advancing advertising effectiveness. The innovative service leverages NCSolutions’ proven and proprietary analytic models and machine learning methodologies. Those are paired with a robust, omnichannel set of CPG point-of-sale transactional data to provide a comprehensive view. 

The new service is available now and can be leveraged as a foundational piece of a clean room data setup.  In this capacity, the CPG Insights Stream, given its comprehensive nature, can serve as the basis to vet other datasets with minimal tech and data science resources.  Learn more about the service on the company website


The CMO Council and NCSolutions embarked on an extensive study to understand the impact of media marketing and advertising today. Our findings are based on a survey of over 160 marketing leaders in North America, predominately in consumer packaged goods and retail. To see the full set of results, visit the website. 


NCSolutions (NCS) makes advertising work better. Our unrivaled data resources powered by leading providers combine scientific rigor and leading-edge technology to empower the CPG ecosystem to create and deliver more effective advertising. With NCS’s proven approach, brands are achieving continuous optimization everywhere ads appear through purchase-based audience targeting and sales measurement solutions that have impacted over $25 billion in media spending for our customers. NCS is headquartered in New York City. 

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