NCSolutions and CiValue Collaborate to Launch a New Cloud-based Retailer Marketing Service That Enhances Shopper Personalization

NEW YORK, September 7, 2020 — NCSolutions (NCS) and ciValue are collaborating to launch a new cloud-based retailer marketing service designed to support the personalized and relevant experience today’s shoppers expect from retailers and brands.

The joint service, named the ciMedia Platform, allows retailers to serve the most relevant offers possible and better meet the expectations of their shoppers. By collaborating with brands on offers and campaigns, retailers can capture a larger share of CPG advertising investments. Additionally, as a part of the new service, they will gain access to NCS proven targeting solutions to expand the reach of their campaigns and ultimately drive new consumers into their retail and online stores. 

“In a pandemic economy, gaps in the media ecosystem are even more glaring,” said Linda Dupree, CEO, NCSolutions. “Personalized and relevant experiences for shoppers are table stakes in today’s curated world. Retailers seeking to extend their shopper footprint and to better engage with shoppers will find significant benefits from tools, like this platform, that help them to effectively compete in today’s dynamic and evolving marketplace.” 

“Today’s new reality has opened up new fronts in the competition for customers, and it is clear that customer loyalty is at increased risk for both retailers and brands. Our customer analytics and personalization solutions allow retailers and brands to better understand and meet these evolving customer needs more effectively. Extending these capabilities beyond the retailer’s owned channels to social networks and other advertisement channels will open new revenue streams and drive the effectiveness of marketing spend and customer strategy,” said Beni Basel, CEO, ciValue.

The new joint service will also help address several other critical elements that sometimes hinder brands/retailers from competing in today’s market:  

  • Offers a cost-effective platform solution to help level the playing field for retailers, providing a stronger footing as they compete for advertising revenue.  
  • Addresses the rising concerns around privacy protocols and consumer data through proven methodologies that uphold high standards for consumer privacy. 
  • Reduces time and required resources for retailers by providing a single source platform with the shopper intelligence and advertising effectiveness expertise of two key industry organizations.  

NCS is the leading company for advertising effectiveness, with more than 10 years of experience and innovation helping CPG advertisers target, optimize and measure the sales of their advertising and drive the growth of their brands. ciValue, in 2019, was named by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor in Retail for Excellent Execution of Customer Expectations” for helping retailers and CPG brands to put customers at the center of their strategy.  

By pairing ciValue’s dynamic, SaaS solution for first-person analytics, personalization and loyalty with NCS’s advanced third-party targeting solution, retailers — and by extension their brands — will have direct access to extensive consumer analytics and personalization. In addition, it provides them with a new way to extend their footprint and full campaign activation across all “owned” and “paid” marketing channels. 


Retailers can use the ciMedia Platform to drive better outcomes, as shown in the example use case below.

Example use case for ciMedia Platform

The ciMedia Platform enables the monetization of retailers’ media assets, including their websites and mobile apps. 

About ciValue

ciValue was founded in 2014 by Beni Basel and Gilad Cohen, experienced second-time entrepreneurs and has offices in New York, and Tel Aviv. The company empowers retailers and suppliers to collaborate to grow customer wallet share, by leveraging their customer data and insights in a fast, scalable and personalized manner. Leveraging data science and proprietary algorithms, ciValue offers advanced and action-driven customer and retail intelligence resulting in revenue uplift. Up and running within 6-8 weeks, ciValue is a fast time-to-value SaaS platform, with the power to create targeted, segmented and personalized offers within hours. ciValue offers unique Omnichannel Personalization, Data Monetization and Supplier Collaboration solutions for Grocery, Drug and Specialty Retail. It was recognized in 2019 as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Retail for Excellent Execution of Customer Expectations.