NCS Sales Effect Measurement Service For YouTube Advertising Is Now Available for CPG Advertisers

New Solution Moves the Industry Toward a New Standard of Digital Ad Accountability By Delivering Comparable Sales Metrics for Nearly Any Publisher

NEW YORK – January 30, 2019, NCS announced today the availability of a new solution for reliably and quickly measuring the in-store sales driven by CPG advertising delivered on YouTube. The NCS Sales Effect solution for CPG advertisers provides trusted and independent measurement, allowing brands to optimize the business outcomes driven by their YouTube campaigns.

As part of the Google Measurement Partners program, NCS has built a privacy-first, scalable solution that integrates unrivaled data assets with leading-edge technology to deliver results that fuel brand growth. As with all NCS measurement solutions, user privacy is tightly protected.  

With NCS Sales Effect, CPG advertisers in the United States can access comparable sales results across digital publishers, whether the measurement is done inside a publisher’s environment or outside of that environment. Today, this solution measures open auction YouTube formats – including TrueView and Bumpers – available both via Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform buying doors.  

“CPG brands need quick and consistent offline sales measurement for their digital campaigns that show how their advertising drives in-store sales,” said Carl Spaulding, EVP of Strategy, NCS. “Our team is constantly working towards an advanced future for advertising measurement that offers greater transparency and comparability across all publishers. This new solution represents the next-generation capability of NCS’s Sales Effect measurement services.”

To learn more about the new NCS YouTube measurement go HERE