NCS Names Jeff Doherty as First Chief Product Enrichment Officer

COO Will Lead Innovation Initiatives that Propel NCS Services from Strategy to Optimization for CPG Audiences

NEW YORK, February 13, 2020 NCSolutions (NCS), the leading company for improving advertising effectiveness for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) ecosystem, has named Jeff Doherty to the newly created position of chief product enrichment officer. 

Doherty, who will continue to serve as NCS’s COO, will be focusing on accelerating innovation at NCS including the next wave of initiatives that will allow CPG advertisers and publishers to be more agile and compete more effectively even as advertising is roiled by change. He will oversee product strategy, data management, technical infrastructure, and operations as well as research and development. He continues to report to Linda Dupree, CEO of NCS.

“CPG advertisers are asking pressing questions about their advertising: am I reaching the right audiences; what levers do I need to pull to make sure I am driving in-store sales; is my advertising building my brand; do I focus on current or new buyers to build my brand,” said Dupree. “Over the last 10 years, we’ve built an arsenal of innovative concepts, solutions, and technologies. Jeff will now accelerate our initiatives to ensure we are operating at the speed of business today, aligning our industry-leading expertise with a continually growing world-class collection of data and allowing the NCS teams to deliver deeper, more impactful insights for all of the markets we serve.”

“From our founding, the NCS vision is to improve advertising effectiveness through innovative use of insights and technology and help advertisers connect the dots from advertising exposure to in-store sales,” said Doherty. “Today, we have so much more at our disposal to drive greater value for CPG advertisers. Machine learning, for example, not only drives faster insights for advertisers but is also constantly improving itself — getting smarter over time. My new focus on emerging technologies will support NCS’s mission of effective advertising across all media. This will allow the NCS teams to be more agile and scale faster to meet the growing demand and needs of the markets.” 

Throughout its history, NCS has worked hand-in-hand with CPG advertisers, platforms and media companies to develop and launch breakthrough advertising solutions. From post-campaign measurement connecting campaigns with in-store sales to quantifying impact early in a campaign, the company has provided brands with a holistic picture of the impact of their campaigns across channels. Most recently, NCS has focused on groundbreaking in-flight solutions, which allow advertisers to be more efficient with their advertising spend.  

Doherty will also play a vital role in addressing some of the industry’s toughest challenges, including privacy. Consumers, for example, are demanding higher standards. Although already compliant with the strictest data privacy regulations, NCS will continue to be proactive on this issue, providing advertisers and publishers with tools that help them build new relationships with consumers while also remaining ahead of the market. 

As a member of the start-up team at NCS, Doherty played a significant role in laying the structural groundwork for the joint venture 10 years ago. As chief financial officer, he led an initiative to automate business functions and improve operational effectiveness. He also established key partnerships and revenue-generating initiatives that have contributed to the company’s growth and continued operational efficiency.