NCS Announces Cross-screen Sales Measurement For TV and Video Advertising

AMC, FOX and Hulu first media companies to adopt new device and platform agnostic solution

NEW YORK– June 18, 2018 – NCS, the company that improves advertising performance for the CPG ecosystem, today announced a new cross-screen solution that measures the in-store sales driven by any advertising delivered across today’s multidimensional TV and video landscape. This highly anticipated service for the CPG industry provides the first holistic and device agnostic view of how TV and/or video advertising is performing, on any screen or service.

“The television ecosystem today is complex; consumers are increasingly electing a combination of services and devices to meet their customized needs for content.  There are more ways and places to advertise, presenting new opportunities for marketers, however it has been difficult to measure holistic campaign success until now, “said Carl Spaulding, EVP of Strategy, NCS. “With the data assets of our parent companies – Nielsen and Catalina – and our industry partners, NCS is helping CPG advertisers to better understand how their cross-screen TV and video media is impacting consumer purchasing.”

To see how well a TV and/ or video campaign is performing across services and screens, NCS measures the total incremental sales driven by a given ad campaign and how each platform contributed to the total lift.  This is possible for advertising delivered on any combination of linear TV (including data-driven), OTT, addressable TV, connected TV, desktop, mobile web or mobile in-app. It is also possible to measure the sales driven by one campaign delivered in the same TV program across all of the platforms it appears. This solution has measured cross-screen sales for several CPG campaigns delivered on AMC, FOX and Hulu.

“AMC works closely with our CPG advertisers to create custom experiences that drive consumer engagement and strengthen fandom for both the product and the program,” said Jessica Chonody, VP of Ad Sales Research, AMC.  “Being able to measure the holistic sales lift driven by these unique campaigns that span multiple platforms allows our advertisers to show how their hard work pays off.”

Visit our product page for more information about the new NCS cross-screen measurement service.